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285-7516AMP/CM2 285/75R16 126Q E 0 3750 80PSI $227.99(ea) BUY
35-125016AMP/CM2 35×12.50R16 126Q E 0 3750 80PSI $264.99(ea) BUY
285-7017AMP/CM2 285/70R17 126Q E 0 3750 80PSI $243.99(ea) BUY
35-125017AMP/CM2 35×12.50R17 125Q E 0 3640 80PSI $343.99(ea) BUY
285-6518AMP/CM2 285/65R18 125Q E 0 3640 80PSI $321.99(ea) BUY
35-125018AMP/CM2 35×12.50R18 123Q E 0 3415 65PSI $351.99(ea) BUY
275-6020AMP/CM2 275/60R20 123Q E 0 3415 80PSI $284.99(ea) BUY
285-5520AMP/CM2 285/55R20 122Q E 0 3305 80PSI $303.99(ea) BUY
305-5520AMP/CM2 305/55R20 121Q E 0 3195 65PSI $340.99(ea) BUY
33-125020AMP/CM2 33×12.50R20 114Q E 0 2600 65PSI $338.99(ea) BUY
35-125020AMP/CM2 35×12.50R20 121Q E 0 3195 80PSI $348.99(ea) BUY
37-135020AMP/CM2 37×13.5020 127Q E 0 3860 65PSI $423.99(ea) BUY
325-5022AMP/CM2 325/50R22 122Q E 0 3305 65PSI $418.99(ea) BUY
33-125022AMP/CM2 33×12.50R22 109Q E 0 2271 65PSI $348.99(ea) BUY
37-135022AMP/CM2 37×13.50R22 123Q E 0 3415 65PSI $459.99(ea) BUY
35-135024AMP/CM2 35×13.50R24 118Q E 0 2910 65PSI $428.99(ea) BUY
37-135024AMP/CM2 37×13.50R24 120Q E 0 3085 80PSI $478.99(ea) BUY
40-155024AMP/CM2 40×15.50R24 128P E 0 3970 65PSI $545.99(ea) BUY
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  1. Ethel H. Person

    I am really happy with the product and price also the service.

  2. Kathryn B. Lloyd

    Have using this site and Halfords were very good.

  3. Joan C. Alexander

    Thanks perfectionwheels

  4. Bessie Carter

    I will definitely use you again

  5. Randall S. Graig

    Tyre was as expected and arrived at fitters as informed

  6. Michael H.

    Good customer service

  7. Robt L. Gillham

    Found the website, ordering and contacting customer service a great experience

  8. Rebecca J. Flores


  9. Lisa T. Guzman

    Easy transaction and fitted

  10. V. Pennington

    Ordered tyres 9.30am on Friday 14th and it came 2 days after was impressed with the customer service

  11. Charles J. Perry

    Seem like good value. Will see how they last!

  12. Dorothy Farmer

    Prompt and professional fitting, no problems at all

  13. Wesley J. Cook

    Quiet and solid tyre

  14. Justin B. Sousa

    no problems navigating the site

  15. Mary E. Blanton

    Tyres arrived as promised and seem Good value.

  16. Robert B. Gupta

    Tyres were good looking and tread pattern looked good

  17. Maria C. Gauthier

    Good service

  18. Jay P. Bergeron

    Prompt, efficient service

  19. Jennifer A. Whitehorn

    Good value tyre. Seems smoother and quieter ride than before they were fitted.

  20. Carmen L. Hall

    Tyres look good and were well priced

  21. Paul M. Foley

    Good tyre

  22. Veronica D. Rodriguez

    Easy to navigate website and reasonable prices.

  23. Moses M. Dann

    have used this before and was very pleased with the service so had no worries

  24. Joe J. Boozer

    Just fitted will have to see how good they are

  25. Mary Geary

    Great service and very professional

  26. Nina R. Romero

    Great service and very professional I will definitely use you again

  27. Janice L. Waldman

    Had one fitted at Christmas for mot purposes

  28. Marvin White

    Had one fitted at Christmas for mot purposes decided to have other 4 done very pleased

  29. Jesus M. Dingess

    Fitted quickly and politely by local Fast-Fit.

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