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With an off-road attitude and smooth on-road characteristics, the AMP Terrain Attack A/T A is the ultimate adventure tire. The performance tread design features a multi-block pattern that delivers stable control in a wide variety of environments and terrain. Equipped with a large selection of sizing and a 40,000 mile warranty, let the Terrain Attack take you on every journey. Now available in 14LT sizes for 17” to 22” wheels

265-7017AMP/CA3 265/70R17 121/118S E 0 0 80PSI $220.99(ea) BUY
285-7017AMP/CA3 285/70R17 121/118R E 0 0 80PSI $239.99(ea) BUY
315-7017AMP/CA3 315/70R17 121/118R E 0 0 65PSI $303.99(ea) BUY
305-6018AMP/CA3 305/60R18 121/118R E 0 0 65PSI $303.99(ea) BUY
305-7018AMP/CA3 305/70R18 126/123R E 0 0 65PSI $312.99(ea) BUY
265-5020AMP/CA3 265/50R20 115/112S E 0 0 80PSI $248.99(ea) BUY
275-5520AMP/CA3 275/55R20 115/112S D 0 0 65PSI $266.99(ea) BUY
285-5520AMP/CA3 285/55R20 122/119S E 0 0 80PSI $275.99(ea) BUY
305-5520AMP/CA3 305/55R20 121/118S E 0 0 65PSI $318.99(ea) BUY
35-125020AMP/CA3 35×12.50R20 121R E 0 3195 65PSI $328.99(ea) BUY
37-125020AMP/CA3 37×12.50R20 126R E 0 3750 65PSI $357.99(ea) BUY
305-4022AMP/CA3 305/40R22 114S XL 0 2601 50PSI $285.99(ea) BUY
33-125022AMP/CA3 33×12.50R22 109R E 0 2270 65PSI $348.99(ea) BUY
35-125022AMP/CA3 35×12.50R22 117R E 0 2835 65PSI $367.99(ea) BUY
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