The Turanza ER300 molds a summer tread compound into an asymmetric tread design. Large tread blocks and continuous circumferential ribs provide responsive handling and traction on dry roads, while lateral and circumferential tread grooves help evacuate water from under the tire´s footprint to enhance wet traction and reduce hydroplaning.

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
149660 195/55R16 V n/a 87 0 NULL Call For Price
001783 245/45R18 Y n/a 96 0 NULL Call For Price
001784 275/40R18 Y n/a 99 0 NULL Call For Price
021829 245/45R18/XL Y n/a 100 0 NULL Call For Price
021846 225/45R17 W n/a 91 0 NULL Call For Price
003662 205/55R16 V n/a 91 0 NULL Call For Price


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