(40 customer reviews)


HOSTILE (H108-2212655047B)
W/ AZ800 305/40R22

40 reviews for PACKAGE 14 22X12 HOSTILE SPROCKET & 305/40/22 ATTURO AZ800

  1. Mary W. Chandler

    prompt service

  2. Frank. Severe

    Great service

  3. Marie Hudcová

    Tyre fitting service

  4. Gerwazy Chmielewski

    Great tyre lasts

  5. Marie Kafková

    Tyres seem to be good, a month or so in and all is well…..

  6. Elizabeth H. Atchison

    Easy to book and use on website.

  7. Paul C. Williams

    Good quick service

  8. Billy C. Bolles

    Great WHEELS

  9. Martin Bína

    Great tyre lasts nearly 20,000 miles, needs a bigger tyre rib to protect alloys

  10. Ľubomír Skřivánek

    Very good tyres

  11. Dorothy J.

    Excellent service on

  12. Kenneth M.

    everything was done on time as stated on the website.

  13. Andra P

    Easy ordering process

  14. Samuel S.

    good thank you, I can recommend going through

  15. Josef Růžek

    Tried the Goodyear run flats

  16. Carl M. Webb

    the second set of comforters I have had.

  17. Jose M Gann

    Reasonably priced. Service was good

  18. Thomas N. Smith

    arrival considering the trying times we live in.

  19. Jiří Nosek

    Good friendly service.

  20. Adéla Břicháčková


  21. Sławomira Jasińska

    New tyres

  22. Marvin Reyes

    This was so perfect all round service i would definitely recommend.

  23. Guillermo B. Becerra

    Got a call on route, arrived when he said he would,

  24. Grace T. Busey

    Tyres ordered arrived early.

  25. Włodek Kalinowski

    Great value and service

  26. Frydrych Kalinowski

    Had these fitted as they was the same tyre as I previously had on the car. I had hit a large pothole but the old tyres, though damaged still got me home so why replace with anything else.

  27. Zdeněk Doubek

    Tyres seem to be good, a month or so in and all is well…..

  28. Bolesława Rutkowska

    I booked full wheel alignment but the garage (Halfords) where unable to carry this out due to my car being rear wheel drive…..

  29. Adéla Juříková

    Best price tyres and all went smoothly from order to fitting

  30. Karel Konrád

    Good friendly service.

  31. Luboš Šmíd

    New tyres

  32. Joan McCauley

    Good tyres at a good price and an easy ordering process

  33. Mary O. Garrick

    No local tyre depot could match the price

  34. Eva R. Herrera

    great Wheels when driving ,good value

  35. Ernest M. Mobley

    Tyres ordered arrived early

  36. Marvin Reyes

    perfect all round service would recommend.

  37. Jamie . Klein

    Good quality wheels £20 cheaper than going directly to the tyre shop

  38. Wiesław Jaworski

    The performance is exceptional in

  39. Eva Žďárská

    Tried the Goodyear run flats and they all ended with sidewall bulges, the Bridgestone’s seem much better.

  40. Robert M. Martin

    Reasonable tyers for the money,

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