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HOSTILE (H109-2212817047B)

62 reviews for PACKAGE 17 22X12 HOSTILE ALPHA & 33X12.50X22 VENOM XT

  1. Badri As’ad Boutros

    Good value. Will definitely use again. Thank you perfectionwheelss

  2. Dewayne Bradshaw

    Only 2 weeks in but the car feels better to drive with these on from the old ones.

  3. Khalil al Allah Mulhim Awad

    Greate value for the money

  4. John K. Stahl

    Even in lockdown this service was quick & easy. Staff very helpful.

  5. Bob R. Brooks

    will definitely buy them again

  6. Abdul-Hakim Umayyah Shamon

    So far the tyres have handled well in both WET!!! and dry.

  7. Wanda D. Graves

    Nice soft ride,

  8. Muzaffar Jumah Kassab

    applied and pain free purchase. Highly recommended

  9. Mu’izz Sameh Sabbagh

    Looked at tyre and they look great value

  10. Michael S. Carter

    very good product

  11. Geraldine M. Marino

    Really happy

  12. Fadi Munahid Maalouf

    Fitted to jaguar s type r feels the same as previous Conti sport excellent tyre for money

  13. Miyaz Thawab Naifeh

    Arrived on time, friendly and efficient transaction. Would thoroughly recommend.

  14. Michael M. Smith

    I was booked for 1 day and get there being to everything done same day. I was so happy at all

  15. Nasir Hilel Morcos

    Good tyres value for money

  16. Taym Allah Ata’ Allah Nahas

    Looked at tyre and they look great value. Only time will tell but on the face of things excellent.

  17. Florence D. Peoples

    Painless purchase, locally fitted, positive experience.

  18. Kameel ‘Ubaydah Guirguis

    No time to fully judge but they feel fine.

  19. Sayyid Nazim Boutros

    Excellent tyres & service

  20. Jafar Anwar Totah

    Great value for money and very quiet on the road

  21. Mark L. Maier

    I was very pleased with the service that I received and the fitter was a lovely knowledgeable young man.

  22. Othman Mahmud Harb

    Great tyres for my needs

  23. Abdul-Ra’uf Hussein Rahal

    Good tyre fits great

  24. Saad Abdul-Hasib Kalb

    Appear good. First time using these tyres, so time will tell.

  25. Angela L. Osborne

    Even in lockdown this service was quick & easy. Staff very helpful.

  26. Ali Thawab Maroun

    Fair price for tyres ,good service in fitting

  27. Abdul-Qawi Nidal Sabbagh

    Even in this horrible weather the improvement to the handling and feeling of safety is so improved

  28. Lindsay T. Rhodes

    Ok tyres. Fantastic for budget but feel slightly slippy when first fitted

  29. Abdul-Musawwir Budayl Hanania

    Quick and easy.recommended

  30. Lois K. Leyva

    Excellent,very pleased.

  31. Safwat Sab Boutros

    Tyres seem ok up to press. Good price, good service

  32. Dawud Baz

    Good for price

  33. Fayyad Tariq Essa

    Great tyres for a brilliant price

  34. Elbert B. Dunn

    Value for money.

  35. Newell Ward

    Car smoother to drive as tracking done too.

  36. Samman Mujahid Sarkis

    Excellent service , will use again

  37. Claire J. Morrow

    perfection wheels kept me upto date with delivery of the tyres that I ordered

  38. Seth M. Snow

    Didnt have to wait long. Great price.

  39. Nawaf Muneer Sabbagh

    Car smoother to drive as tracking done too.

  40. Haddad Abdul-Basir Ganim

    Very good Tyres do the job

  41. Nicholas P. Whitty

    For a budget tyre it gives a lot to boost confidence in the sure footedness of the Insignia.

  42. Arif Sati Mansour

    So far, so good. Decent grip, little road noise.

  43. Mansur Atif Botros

    Only time will tell but on the face of things excellent

  44. Muthanna Kareem Safar

    Had enquire to perfectionwheelss Tyres it was sorted,

  45. Kaliq Murtada Basara

    Car feels so much smoother and quiet to drive.

  46. ‘Awad Qasim Bahar

    Excellent service

  47. Walif Dawud Baz

    Very happy with service

  48. Helen N. Litton

    Quality tyre at a great price

  49. Nicholas P

    Good price tyres, seem ok, friendly efficient fitter

  50. Pamela K. Williams

    Excellent service

  51. Rashad Jarir Hakimi

    I found my new tyers are better than the ones that were on the car in the first place fitted by protyers in banbury very good customer service.

  52. Rihab Mahdi Bitar

    Excellent service , will use again

  53. Lester B. Powers

    5 *

  54. Fikri Nazim Nassar

    Good in the wet

  55. Yazid Aza

    The fitting centre that perfectionwheelss sent me to is one I use and trust.

  56. Haddad Abdul-Basir Ganim

    Arrived at depot and told I was double booked.

  57. SariyahAbdul-RafiKassab

    I fitted a pair of Comforsers to both rear wheels and overall they are a good tyre for the money

  58. Sariyah Abdul-Rafi Kassab

    Great tyres for the price

  59. David J. Elkins

    Very competitive price

  60. Martha T. Jarrett

    Brilliant service by Formula one tyres Guildford. Can recommend..

  61. ‘Asim Katib Fakhoury

    Just what was needed.

  62. Ubaid Faraj Naifeh

    Good grip and handling

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